Many people have asked if there are any free CNA classes online. The answer isn’t always easy to determine, as some CNA classes that are offered for free do offer a comprehensive overview of the material required to set up as a CNA, but without offering listing in the Family Care Registry, required for legitimate professional practice; and some courses are free only conditionally, that is, under the assumption that you will work for a certain organization following your graduation. Let’s talk about things you should keep in mind when looking for free CNA classes.

Legitimacy to Begin With

First, you need to make sure that the CNA certification you’re looking at is legitimate to begin with. It’s not always the case that a given CNA cert will actually allow you to work as a nursing assistant in a professional context, if they don’t list you in the professional registry that employers turn to verify your credentials. It is also not always the case that those programs which claim to list you in such a registry always will. Therefore, it is important to do thorough research on every CNA program that you encounter, to make sure you won’t be cheated, and to verify with the Family Care Registry that the program you’ve selected does indeed regularly list people it graduates in the registry.

Is it actually free?

Many CNA classes hosted online that claim to be free really aren’t. And the ways in which they avoid being free are varied. Some will provide you with full access to the information, for instance, but charge you for access to quizzes and tests; others will charge you at the end of the course if you want to be listed in the professional registry, even though they’ve allowed you to go through quizzes and the like; and still others will only allow you to access a limited amount of the content if you don’t pay a fee of some sort at some point or another. This is obviously dishonest on their part, but, it’s important to keep it in mind as a necessary obtacle to navigate when finding a free online CNA course.

Quality of Education

Finally, consider the quality of the free courses. Even if they do allow you to take quizzes, access assignments, and watch lectures for free, it’s rare that you’ll be getting high-quality content. It’s expensive to develop a quality course, and anyone who goes through the trouble is probably not going to offer it for free — not necessarily because they don’t want to, but because the amount of money required to develop, distribute, and accreditate a course is pretty significant. Therefore, any CNA class you take, even if it is legitimate, should be quality controlled. This way you can verify that the information you’re learning is not only accurate, but relevant, current, and helpful, and useful in passing whatever exams or interviews you must to get a job.