CNA programs help you build a solid foundation to rely on when you decide to begin a new professional life in the medical field. You will get a financially rewarding job as well as the possibility to care for people and make their life better, easier. More than a career opportunity, becoming a certified nurse assistant is your chance to make a difference, to help yourself and help others.

What Are the CNA Programs Available?

redcrossAs a certified nursing assistant, you become an important part of the health care system, and your knowledge and skills will always be in demand. But before you get there, the Red Cross has a nurse assistant training program that can be a great starting point, allowing you to gather the information and experience this profession requires, so that you can then offer quality services to your patients, no matter if we are talking about people committed in a hospital, in a nursing home or needing assistance at home.

As a premiere provider of NAT (nurse assistant training), the American Red Cross has prepared many generations of nurse assistants for over 100 years. Their program is addressed to caregivers, educators, and anyone in the health care system.

In includes day classes, to teach students in a hands-on environment, supervised by professional and caring nurses. The program also focuses on developing excellent communications skills, not just on providing the students with the theoretical and practical background they need in order to care for the health and well being of their patients.

Lectures, DVDs, role-playing lessons, laboratory practice, all these are steps the students have to take in order to learn the required procedures related to assessing vital signs, bathing and dressing, feeding and positioning. The Red Cross classrooms benefit from corresponding equipment, like hospital beds, medical devices and more, allowing the students to learn everything in a real like environment.

The graduates of the Red Cross CNA programs usually have no problems passing the licensure test and finding employment in local or regional institutions, so, if this is really what you want to do, it would be a great idea to start from the Red Cross. However, this does not mean other programs are not just as efficient.

Aspects to Pay Attention to When Comparing CNA programs

  • Accessible locations, situated near public transportation stations;
  • Small class sizes;
  • Experienced licensed instructors;
  • Hands-on experience;
  • 4-8 weeks course length.

Usual Course Requirements

  • You have to attend a local orientation information session;
  • Reading/math assessment or the verification of your high school diploma;
  • You have to pass the criminal background check before the registration;
  • You have to complete a physical form/TB test.

What a Nurse Assistant Training Course Usually Includes

There are usually two components to every course:

  • Part 1 – it takes place in a classroom and is meant to teach the students several aspects related to patient care, using lectures, practice and hands-on demonstrations.
  • Part 2 – consists of clinical training. During this second phase of the course, students are expected to work directly with patients in health care facilities. They are supervised by a licensed nurse and work together with other nurses, aides and medical professionals. This part of the course is meant to teach students how to work as certified nurse assistants and what this means when they work in a long-term care facility.

CNA programs are the solution for everyone who wants a career in the health care system and a great source of theoretical and practical knowledge.