So, you managed to qualify as a certified nurse quite some time ago and, you, like many others, may have thought that, this qualification would last forever. However, I’ve got news for you; nothing lasts forever, including your qualification certificate. So, what exactly are you supposed to do when your certificate finally starts to run out? Well, recertification needn’t be a stressed that is, if you follow this helpful advice.

How to Go About It?

Now, the first thing to decide when you try to start your CNA Recertification is to, decide how you wish to renew your certificate. Who knew that, you would have two options when it comes to your certificate renewal? Well, you do. So, you can either do your CAN Recertification by partaking in continuous learning (otherwise known as CL) or, alternatively, by rewriting the certification exam. When your recertification date begins to loom threateningly upon the horizon, you will be notified. However, depending on where you are based, you should be able to contact the CAN Recertification team by either email, telephone or perhaps both.

Guidelines, Guidelines, Guidelines…

Most areas will have a recertification website or help page which is set up to help people who are trying to renew their certificate for the first time around. One of the useful areas which most websites helpfully have is the section which gives your information on certificate renewal guidelines. If you wish to have more region-specific information, you might want to find a website specific to the area in which you practice or, alternatively, you could contact the recertification department in your local area. However, if you’re only after a rough idea, here’s a quick overview. Basically, you will need to sit an exam to check that all of your knowledge is up to date. You will have to register for this exam online and, most areas should send you some form of examination prep. Most areas also have the option of applying early so that applicants have more time available to prepare themselves for their upcoming exam. Most websites will contain information about the next exam date as well as some other information, depending on which website you happen to be using.

Unable To Renew?

Now, some nurses may find themselves unable to renew their certificate and, when this happens whether it’s for professional or personal reasons, it can be a bit of a stressful time. However, you needn’t get yourself into a flap over this. Now, if you do not wish to renew your certificate, you can, before your certificate expires, terminate the certificate. The certification will then be declared inactive. This provides nurses with an additional three years in which they must meet their renewal requirements.

Whilst the exact requirements for CAN Recertification may vary depending on where you’re based, there are some guidelines which most locations follow. If your certificate is up for renewal now or anytime so, either contact your department or visit the relevant website in order to obtain accurate and reliable information.